Various Logos

Sweet Six Candy Co.
Sweet Six Candy Company is a boutique, cottage food business specializing in brown sugar candy in six flavors, with ingredients all locally sourced in Florida. The client requested a logo and package labels that are clean, typographic, and vintage-inspired.

Roles: Concept Development, Design

Source Nation Deals
Source Nation Deals is a small business retailer specializing in unique guitar parts. This logo has vintage flare, and badge-like qualities, making it ideal for a variety of swag—stickers, buttons, t-shirts, etc.—allowing the client to use “grassroots” methods for spreading the word about their company.

Roles: Concept Development, Design

Tiny Mammoth
Concept sketches of a logo for a film production company. These ideas hit the cutting room floor.

Roles: Concept Development, Sketching

Logo design for a social media-based website, which was intended to be a place where users could learn to write and share their life/faith stories. Unfortunately the site never launched beyond the concept phase.

Roles: Concept development, Logo design

Awarded: In-House Design Award 2006 from Graphic Design USA magazine