Gateway Lake Nona Campaign

Florida Hospital and UCF Health partnered to open a unique medical practice in a suburb of Orlando. The collaboration was named Gateway, and I designed a logo that would bridge these two entities under one name.

To create buzz, and announce this new health care option to the community, our internal marketing team devised a launch campaign with a growing theme combining medical and plant imagery. Over the six month campaign the art transitioned from a small sprout cradled in the hands of a doctor, to a young plant, and onto medical instruments flowering from the greenery.

Campaign deliverables included, but weren’t limited to:

  • Ads in local publications
  • Billboards
  • Facebook ads
  • Direct mailers
  • Invitations to open houses and media events
  • Marketing cards in the shape of plant stakes
  • Outdoor signage

Roles: Art Direction, Design

CLIENTFlorida Hospital


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